Rakesh Agrawal Makes It Possible For iPhone App To Open His Garage

Posted Mar 31, 2009

Rakesh Agrawal made it a weekend project to build an application that has the ability to open his garage door. Agrawal stated by downloading the X10 Commander application on the iTunes App Store which costs about $9.99. The X10 talks to the WiFi network at his home which he always keeps running.

There is a USB dongle that is connected to his Windows XP PC which communicates with an RF to X10 interface device plugged into a nearby outlet. In the garage, Agrawal plugged in an X10 controller for low voltage devices and spliced the control wires for the garage door opener. And then the control wires were connected to the garage door opener.

Pretty ingenious, eh?

[via BoingBoing/Rake.sh]