Randi Zuckerberg Takes On Executive Producer Role For “Silicon Valley” Reality Show

Posted Apr 7, 2012

Randi Zuckerberg, the founder of R to Z and sister to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is going to be the executive producer for the reality TV show called “Silicon Valley.” The reality TV show will be on Bravo and the trailer video depicts entrepreneurs in the Valley as being hard-core into partying and standing in front of a walk-in closet filled with suits.

Bravo went looking for the case of the show on Craigslist to find young professionals with a “wild side.”

“Silicon Valley is high school. But it?s only the smart kids, and everyone has a lot of money,” said one of the cast members in the trailer. After being heavily criticized for the type of content that will likely be featured in the show, Randi wrote a lengthy post on her Facebook account to justify why she is involved. Towards the conclusion of the post, Randi wrote:

“Will there be drama? Of course! Silicon Valley is full of exciting drama. Will there be conflict? Of course! Entrepreneurs face conflict daily. Will we showcase every single painstaking detail of startup life? Of course not. This is reality TV, not a documentary. The show isn’t meant to represent all of Silicon Valley, but to authentically follow the lives of a few young people trying to blaze their own trails.”

The cast members of the show will include:
1. Hermione Way
Video director at The Next Web and founder of Newspepper

2. Ben Way
Founder of Rainmakers

3. Kim Taylor
Account director at Ampush Media

4. Jay Holanda
Stealth startup founder

5. Marcus Lovingood
Founder of Futureleap

6. Dwight Crow
Founder of Carsabi

7. David Murray
Stealth startup founder