Rapper 50 Cent Invests In 3-D Sunglasses Company Gunnar Optiks

Posted Dec 16, 2010

Curtis Jackson (known by his rap artist name 50 Cent) has invested in Gunnar Optiks, a sunglasses company that makes indoor, outdoor, and 3-D viewing products. 50 Cent runs several businesses such as a clothing line, a record label under Interscope, and he made $100 million when Coca-Cola bought out the Vitamin Water parent company. Gunnar sells 3-D sunglasses for between $70-$200. 50 Cent first expressed interest in Gunnar when he discovered them at a charity event hosted by Justin Timberlake. At first Gunnar was interested in 50 Cent endorsing the products, but the rapper was more interested in being a proper investor. 50 Cent is endorsing the products on Twitter also. [Fast Company]