Rapper Ra Diggs Arrested After Bragging About Violence On YouTube and Twitter

Posted Oct 11, 2010

Ronald Herron is a rapper that goes by the name of Ra Diggs. Ra Diggs was charged with eight others in a federal indictment after providing prosecutors with evidence on his YouTube videos and Twitter tweets.

Diggs tweeted that he has “5000 n—– with them lorcins [handguns] ready to turn the pigs kids into orphins,” according to the NY Daily News. On the YouTube videos, Digg is wearing body armor and is firing guns at a target range. In the video he also boasts about ordering a shooting from a hospital bed. Herron also warned people about snitching and mentioned a murder at the Gowanus Houses housing project in New York.

Herron was wounded by a rival drug dealer with a gun in 1998. The gunman was killed two days later by Herron’s cousin. Herron was arrested by the NYPD outside of Club Amnesia in Chelsea. He was arraigned at the Brooklyn Federal Court without bail.

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