Raspberry Pi Hit 2 Million In Unit Sales At The End Of October

Posted Nov 18, 2013

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced that sold 2 million in unit sales at the end of October.  It took almost exactly a year to sell the first million Raspberry Pis.  The Foundation said that if they are lucky, they will reach the second million around January 2014 or slightly after that.

“So it was a bit of a shock at the end of last week when we got the latest sales figures and discovered that the 2,000,000th Raspberry Pi was sold in the last week of October,” said the Raspberry Pi Foundation in a blog post.

The Raspberry Pi costs $35 each.  It has a CPU and several ports.  The device is aimed at students and tech hobbyists that want to write software or create unique projects.  The Raspberry Pi can be used as a media streaming platform.  It has also been used for playing games.

[Source: CNET/Raspberry Blog]