Real-World Interactions Service Hashable Raises $4 Million

Posted Nov 22, 2010

Hashable is a New York based start-up that is currently in stealth mode. The company has raised $4 million in funding and was given a $25-$30 million valuation on the term sheets. The funding was led by Union Square Ventures. Hashable has raised a total of over $11 million in funding.

The company was originally known as, but the company did not go in a direction that CEO Michael Yavonditte had hoped so they have rebranded the company and completely switched directions. Hashable is a CRM tool that helps you keep track of your relationships. It consolidates information from Twitter, e-mail, its own website, and upcoming iPhone application.

Hashable will set up introductions between people using Twitter usernames and e-mail addresses. It will check in with both users to find out whether they have actually met yet or not.

When you tell Hashable that you met with someone, the service will set up an “icebreaker” page with both of your contact information listed. Hashable will then keep track of how many times you have met specific people. Users will get virtual points for their interactions (“hash cred”).

Although this sounds like a novel concept, I do not foresee this service taking off. This is because people do not like to be forced to meet random people. The only random people that approach me on the street asks me for spare change or asks me to sign some sort of petition. I prefer to make contacts through parties or social get togethers. Other investors include Rhodium, Dace Ventures, John Frankel, Jeff Singer, and other angel investors.