Realtime Raises $100 Million, Deploys In The U.S.

Posted Aug 16, 2012

is a company that is building the future of the real-time web.  Realtime has raised a $100 million investment from BRZTech Holding, a São Paulo-based technology investment company.  Realtime is launching in the U.S. and has also announced a Realtime Messaging System & Framework powered by ORTC (Open Realtime Connectivity) and xRTML (extensive Realtime Multiplatform Language).

Realtime is powering 120 million user connections across 2,000 clients worldwide.  At its peak, Realtime oversees one million messages being sent out per second.

Realtime’s U.S. launch is considered one of the biggest deployment of a foreign-based programming infrastructure in the U.S. since Linux was made available 20 years ago.  Realtime was founded in 1997 as Internet Business Technologies (IBT).

Realtime has a freemium-based developer framework for creating live web applications.  The funding will not be used just on Realtime, but for the industry as a whole.  ORTC has API support for several languages and frameworks like Node.js, Java, PHP, and