Recon Instruments To Compete Against Google Glass With The Recon Jet HUD

Posted Jun 27, 2013

Recon Instruments has announced a new device called the Recon Jet HUD.  The Recon Jet HUD is a smart-glasses product that will have a Pilot Edition that will cost $499 and the regular edition will cost $599.  Competing against Google Glass, the Recon Jet HUD was designed more for cyclists and athletes.

The Recon Jet HUD will display information like speed/pace, heart rate, cadence, heart rate, distance, duration, and power.  The Recon Jet HUD can be paid with your smartphone through Bluetooth.  The Recon Jet HUD displays caller ID and text messages as well.  Recon Instruments will also be releasing the Recon Jet SDK, which will allow developers to build apps for the device.

?We are proud to be launching Recon Jet for pre-sale. Since introducing our first HUD for snow sports in 2010, we have been working tirelessly to create a high-performance sports sunglass HUD. Recon Jet is the culmination of that effort. We introduced Recon Jet to the developer community at the Google I/O tech conference last month. To say the response exceeded our expectations would be a massive understatement. Now, with this first edition of Recon Jet and our soon-to-be-released SDK, we look forward to developers unleashing their creativity to build amazing apps for Recon Jet,? stated Recon Instruments CEO Dan Eisenhardt.

Below is a list of the Recon Jet HUD technical specifications, as highlighted by The Droid Guy:

– 1 GHz Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9


– 8GB flash

– Wide screen 16:9 WQVGA display

– Virtual image appears as 30? HD display at 7?

– 3D accelerometer

– 3D gyroscope

– 3D magnetometer

– Altimeter & barometer application

– Ambient temperature sensor

– Optical touch sensor for UI control

– Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11a/b/g/n)

– Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Smart)

– Apple MFi Bluetooth support


– Support for connectivity of up to 8 ANT+ peripherals

– Micro USB

– HD camera

– Integrated speaker and microphone