Reddit Co-Founders Quit Conde Nast 3 Years After Acquisition

Posted Oct 28, 2009

Three years ago, Conde Nast bought out Reddit. Reddit is a website where a community of users vote on the most interesting stories. The most interesting recent stories land on the Reddit homepage and receive a large number of visits. Conde Nast has been taking a hit lately as its been discovered that they may lose $1 billion in ad revenue this year.

Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian both founded Reddit after launching it from Y-Combinator. Christopher Rowe and Aaron Swartz joined the team shortly after the company was founded. Y-Combinator is an incubation firm started by Paul Graham. Both of the Reddit founders are leaving for personal reasons.

Huffman is moving back to Virginia to spend more time with his wife. Ohanian plans to spend some time traveling. Rowe will be staying with Reddit for a while. Swartz was fired from Reddit two years ago for not respecting the company rules after being acquired by Wired Magazine.