Reddit Community Helps Raise Over $50K For Lucas Gonzalez’s Immune Disorder

Posted Dec 8, 2011

The Reddit community has helped raise over $50,000 in charity that would go towards a bone marrow transplant for Lucas Gonzalez, a 3 year old buy that suffers from Hyper IgM Syndrome. The syndrome is a rare immunodeficiency disorder that makes him more susceptible to infections.

Dr. Suhag H. Parikh of Duke University recommend that Gonzalez gets a bone marrow transplant to overcome risks that are associated with the disorder. The Gonzalez family is relocating from Florida to North Carolina. A financial adviser said that the estimated cost of 6 months worth of living expenses, insurance, and medical expenses would cost about $50,000.

Lucas’ aunt’s boyfriend wrote about the story on and the community responded with kindness. He posted under the user name ironyx with a letter from the doctor that verified Lucas’ condition and treatment recommendation. One Reddit user confirmed the story by talking to the doctor on Duke’s campus. To show his gratitude, Lucas’ father Luis got a Reddit tattoo.

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