Reddit Community Writes The First Draft Of The Free Internet Act

Posted Feb 25, 2012

The Reddit community are some of the biggest advocates of having a free from censorship and open Internet. Last month, the Reddit community responded to the SOPA proposal by writing their own piece of legislation that would protect Internet freedoms. The first draft of the Free Interact Act has been published on a public Google Doc. Below is a small portion of the draft:

The Free Internet Act: To promote prosperity, creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation by preventing the restriction of liberty and preventing the means of censorship. FIA will allow internet users to browse freely without any means of censorship, users have the right to free speech and to free knowledge; we govern the content of the internet, governments don’t. However enforcements/laws must also be put into place to protect copyrighted content.

The Reddit community hopes to aim high and then reach a compromise with this law in a similar manner that SOPA and PIPA was pushed.