Reddit Hiring More Engineers Due To Constant Down-Time

Posted Feb 9, 2011

Reddit is a social news sharing website owned by Condé Nast. Now Reddit is hiring some additional engineers to keep the website up and running after they received a lot of complaints. Reddit doubled their sales and system administration team from one person each to two people each team.

Reddit is also hiring two of their power users to manage customer service complaints. Reddit was able to make some additional revenues by launching a new service called Reddit Gold. Reddit Gold adds sponsored links on their main homepage. This allows Reddit to make the hires.

It is crazy to hear that Condé Nast is not doing much to help Reddit grow their team faster. Reddit recently hit 1 billion pageviews and 14 million unique users per month. ?All reddit gold revenue goes right back into the site, either in terms of more servers or more people,? said Mike Schiraldi of Reddit in an interview. ?Condé Nast does not seize it to buy Picassos for the executive washroom.? Reddit has about 14 employees in L.A., San Francisco, NYC, and Salt Lake City.