Reddit Hit 200,000 Concurrent Users During President Obama’s AMA

Posted Aug 31, 2012

Social bookmarking website hit a solid milestone during President Obama’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on the website.  Reddit hit over 200,000 concurrent users during the AMA, which makes it Reddit’s largest day ever.  “Reddit” and “Barack Obama” had quickly became a Twitter trending topic.

The White House believed that President Obama’s AMA would be better if it was a surprise rather than a scheduled AMA.  Reddit’s servers struggled when dealing with all of that traffic.  President Obama’s AMA hit 6,500 posts in the first 34 minutes.

President Obama answered about 10 questions during the AMA.  My guess is that he used Reddit just like he uses Twitter.   Most likely he sat in a large conference room and selected certain questions.  Before posting, his advisors must have proofread everything.

So how did Reddit get President Obama to speak on Reddit?  Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian said that he’s gotten to know a lot of folks in the White House and the Obama campaign team over the years.  “There are quite a few redditors at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and at the campaign HQ ? given the prominence of reddit, it?s an easy sell,” said Ohanian in an e-mail conversation with AllThingsD.