Malcolm Collins Proposes To His Girlfriend Through Reddit

Posted Aug 6, 2013

Malcolm Collins is a 26-year-old graduate student that lives in Palo Alto, California.  When proposing to his girlfriend Simone Smith, he used the popular link sharing social network  Collins proposed to Simone using a gallery of funny memes on Reddit’s “Advice Animals” section with the username SirTechnocracy.

Some of the messages that Collins used included:

– ?I used to have reservations about marriage and they?re gone”

– ?Brace yourself: A ring is coming?

Around 18 images were used total.  Each image represented a moment in the couple’s relationship like their first movie, first date, etc.  ?I wanted to propose in a way that would be meaningful for both of us and Reddit is Simone?s favorite website,? stated Collins in an interview with Yahoo! ?It was a tall order to be romantic online in such a public setting, however, I loved the idea of a slideshow that featured our special moments.?

Collins put the images up at 7AM and waited for the gallery to hit the front page.  When Smith logged into Reddit (username: LadyTechnocracy), Collins heard her scream with delight.  That is when he walked over with the engagement ring.

In terms of the comments, some other Reddit users were supportive and many of them were negative.  Reddit user Toshibarokit said ?I?m holding out hope that this isn?t real.?  Sadnsassy said ?This is probably the most cringe-worthy thing I?ve seen thus far on Reddit.”  Critics believed that this was too nerdy of a way to propose.

?Good luck to both of you. I’m really glad she said yes. I don’t think I would have accepted this type of proposal but to each their own,? said another user.

?Aww, who cares what people say. You found the one and did it your way. We should all be so lucky,? another positive user said.

As of this morning, the story hit around 3,000 comments.  Collins responded to many of the critics.

Smith defended her fiancé by saying ?This is the most romantic gesture I’ve ever received. Proposing over Reddit sure is unconventional, but I give SirTechnocracy major credit for proposing in the most meaningful (to me/us) place possible.?