RedLaser iPhone Application Hits Over $1 Million In Revenue

Posted Dec 16, 2009

Occipital has made over $1 million in revenue from their iPhone application RedLaser. The RedLaser application has been in the top 5 of the Apple App Store for over 3 months now. Occipital did not have a marketing budget whatsoever. The RedLaser application grew with the help of word-of-mouth. Occipital co-founder Jeff Powers said that RedLaser was released this past May, but it did not have any traction.

Occipital released an update shortly after that made the application work properly. After that RedLaser really started growing. RedLaser [iTunes link] barely received any press after the update was made. Occipital has only 2 employees and sells about 6,000 of their application per day with a $1.99 price. The Wall Street Journal and Martha Stewart recently gave the application some publicity. Occipital claims that Martha Stewart’s publicity helped increase sales by about 1,000.

What does RedLaser do? The application scans barcodes using the iPhone camera and searches for the item across many e-retailers. Price comparisons are provided shortly after scanning the item. It is like the Shazam of shopping.