RedLaser iPhone Dev Company Occipital Helps Develop Bar Code App For Target

Posted Apr 28, 2010

Occipital, LLC is a technology startup company that was founded by University of Michigan alumni Jeffrey Powers and Vikas Reddy. Occipital has seed funding from TechStars and is currently based in Boulder, Colorado. Occipital developed a successful iPhone application called RedLaser, which caught the attention of Target Corporation (NYSE:TGT).

Now Target’s free iPhone application has a bar code scanner built in along with a TargetLists feature which allows you to manage shopping lists from your mobile phone. The new feature allows you to find out the price of a Target product without having to talk to a Target salesperson.

“In addition to pricing, guests are able to view ratings and reviews and the availability of the product at other locations and extended assortments on,” stated spokeswoman Leah Guimond. The application feature requires an iPhone since it is dependent on the camera, which is unfortunate for iPod Touch owners. Rumor has it that we will see cameras on future iPod Touch devices though. [CNET]

Disclosure: I’m a former employee at Target’s headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. I worked there from June 2007 ? May 2008 in the Transportation department.