Redlasso Closes A Deal With FOX

Posted Mar 24, 2009

Redlasso is a company that used to provide clips from news programs to bloggers to embed on their own websites.  NBC, FOX, and CBS did not like Redlasso ganking their clips so they decided to sue the company.  But FOX suddenly had a change of heart.

Fox made a deal with Redlasso now.  Redlasso will be able to use video news content from 27 of FOX’s regional news stations.

Redlasso started in 2007 and was heavily used by The Huffington Post.  What Redlasso was doing was illegal.  They recorded and distributed TV content without the permission of the stations.  Last May the company received a cease and desist letter and the company ignored them for the most part.  Last July FOX and NBC filed the lawsuit against Redlasso and the site discontinued their services shortly after.

FOX’s content will be available through Redlasso starting in April.  Bloggers will be able to use clips which could be as long as 10 minutes through Redlasso.  Redlasso CEO Al McGowan started that lawsuits with all other television networks have now been settled.  The company is currently looking for ways to expand content offerings.

My guess is that Redlasso struck a deal that involves advertising revenue sharing with FOX.  We may see ads in the clips that Redlasso offers to bloggers.

[via TechCrunch]