Reeder 3.0 Hits App Store

Posted Jun 14, 2012

The Reeder 3.0 app has been released for the Apple App Store. Reeder 3.0 is available for the App Store at a price of $2.99. The update to Reeder includes many changes and new features. Reeder is best known as being a Google Reader app, which include feed management and multi-account support. Reeder developer Silvio Rizzi redesigned and rewrote the app from the ground up.

Some of the new features include:

  • Fever syncing
  • Much improved Readability syncing
  • Multi-account support (for Google Reader and Fever)
  • In-app settings
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe (Google Reader only)
  • Text size and line height options in the article viewer
  • sharing
  • Buffer sharing (and other sharing services)

There are new gesture features available for the article list and the article viewer.