ReMail iPhone App Has Text E-Mail Search

Posted May 13, 2009

For those of you that own an iPhone and don’t like the fact that the e-mail function doesn’t have built-in search, a company called ReMail has fixed that issue by creating an application.  ReMail started from the Y-Combinator incubation firm started by Paul Graham.

Currently the application is in Beta and is for free.  While Apple’s iPhone Update 3.0 is expected to have a mail search feature built-in, it will not be as advanced as ReMail’s application.  The iPhone will be able to search for keywords in the subject line of e-mails but not the body of the e-mails.

ReMail has a server that is optimized for e-mail search on the iPhone and offers suggestions as you type.  For the most part you have to be connected to the Internet to use the search feature, but the application also has a caching system to pull messages stored from the last two weeks.

Gabor Cselle is the founder of ReMail. Gabor has done work on GMail and Xobni in the past. Recently he completed a Master’s thesis titled Organizing Email. FriendFeed co-founders Paul Buchheit and Sanjeev Singh have also invested in ReMail.

The biggest drawback of ReMail is that they pull your e-mail and store it on their servers using IMAP. They do this to optimize rapid search. However messages are encrypted for your privacy and the company vows never to access or read any e-mails unless there is written permission by a larger authority.

The ReMail application is presently available for free when in Beta mode but after that there will be a $3.99 per month charge.

Below is a screenshot pulled from TechCrunch: