RE/MAX Real Estate Agents Will Have Passbook Business Cards On The iPhone

Posted Dec 4, 2012

RE/MAX Regional real estate agents are working with Vizibility to setup business cards into the Passbook app on the iPhone.  RE/MAX is rolling out the platform to 4,500 agents for holding their basic details, contact information, and social networks.

The app also utilizes geofencing to limit the lock screen shortcut to an open house or the office.  The cards can include company directories and update contacts over time.  NFC transfers and QR codes are also available for the agents.

“In today’s competitive real estate climate, we have to push the envelope of technology to give our agents a competitive edge. We also must provide home buyers with the best tools to make what may be the most important decision of their lives,” stated RE/MAX Regional Services CEO Dane Ellison. “Technologies like Vizibility’s Mobile Business Card can help our agents get more opportunities to share their listings, provide mobile virtual tours and engage effortlessly with prospective home buyers. By making it a little easier to close sales, we’re making it a lot easier for our RE/MAX agents to be more successful.”