Rent The Runway Buys Social Styling Company Go Try It On

Posted Jun 26, 2013

Rent The Runway is a service that lets you choose current season fashion from over 95 designers for every galas, weddings, date nights, holidays, etc.  You can reserve your dress and accessories through the website and get a backup size for free.  From there, you can return your dress or accessory back to Rent The Runway for free.  Rent The Runway has acquired Go Try It On.

Go Try It On is a social retailing startup company that has a mobile application, which encourages styling idea sharing and advice.  Go Try It On founder and CEO Marissa Evans is joining Rent The Runway as the Head of Radical Innovation.  This is a new role at the company.

“Go Try It On is a natural fit for Rent the Runway considering its user base is greatly aligned with our customers,” stated Rent The Runway CEO and co-founder Jennifer Hyman. “Beyond that, we are looking forward to the expertise and leadership Marissa will bring to our Radical Innovation team, from which we anticipate initiatives that will revolutionize our business in the years to come.”

Rent The Runway has over 170 designers on their roster.  They have 35,000 dresses and 7,000 accessories available for rent.

Go Try It On has seen over 400,000 iPhone downloads.  Their users share photos of styles that they like and sends/receives suggestions on what to wear with friends, brands, and stylists.  Over 20 million opinions have been shared on Go Try It On.