REPORT: 21% Of Americans Have Read An E-Book Since Last Year

Posted Apr 5, 2012

According to Pew Research, 21% of Americans have read an e-book in the last year and the number has increased after this past holiday season. When Pew Research conducted a similar report in December 2011, they revealed that 17% of American adults read an e-book within the previous year.

This demographic of people read books for research, current events, and for work or school. They are more likely than others to have bought their most recent book instead of borrowing it.

The survey in this study came from 2,986 Americans 16 and older. The study was conducted between November 16 and December 21, 2011. The study that resulted in the 21% figure was conducted between January 5-8 and January 12-15, 2012.