REPORT: Acquires Evi App For $26 Million

Posted Apr 19, 2013

Evi is a technology company based in Cambridge, England that was founded by William Tunstall-Pedoe.  The company developed a knowledge base and semantic search engine to directly answer questions in plain English text.  Formerly known as True Knowledge, Evi launched in private beta about 6 years ago.  According to sources with TechCrunch, has acquired Evi for $26 million.

When Evi was first released for the Apple App Store, it was taken down because it was considered competition against Siri.  After the user interface was changed around to look less like Siri, Evi was allowed to remain in the Apple App Store.  Both Siri and Evi licensed technology from Nuance.

There are several pieces of evidence that acquired Evi late last year. The Evi Technologies Ltd directors at UK Companies House have been replaced by Amazon’s UK legal representative. The annual reports of Octopus Ventures funds refer to selling their shares in Evi Technologies. The new Company Secretary for Evi Technology is also the same as Amazon, Mitre Secretaries Ltd. Mitre is the corporate secretary for  This makes it pretty clear that Amazon is now the parent company of Evi.

Evi’s iOS and Android app uses Nuance’s voice recognition technology and the True Knowledge search engine to understand natural language. Evi is capable of learning as it has access to around a billion facts.