REPORT: Amazon Is Working On A 3D Smartphone With Retina Tracking Features

Posted May 9, 2013

According to The Wall Street Journal, Amazon is working on a new smartphone that has a 3D screen that uses retina-tracking technology to make images float above the screen just like a hologram. Users will be able to navigate content using their eyes just like the Samsung Galaxy S4.  Amazon has been rumored to be working on a smartphone for a long time now.  Launching a smartphone with 3D technology and holograms right out the gate seems a bit too risky for the company so I have my doubts.

Using 3D technologies on a smartphone is not a new concept.  Two years ago, Sprint announced the HTC Evo 3D smartphone for $200 with a contract.  That phone offered consumers a way to view content in 3D with special glasses.  That phone did not have images float above the plane of the screen like a hologram though.

The 3D effect on the HTC Evo is created with slits in the front of the LCD screen that blocks light so that your left and right eyes will see different images.  This technique is also applied in the LG Optimus 3D smartphone and the Nintendo 3DS console.

The Wall Street Journal added that Amazon is working on four projects labeled the Alphabet Projects: A, B, C, and D.  The projects include the 3D smartphone and a Kindle-like smartphone.  Another project is a set-top box for streaming movies and TV shows, which would be very fitting for Amazon since they are creating many original series programs.  The last project is an audio-streaming device.