Report: Apple Inc. (AAPL) Will Not Be Putting Retina Display Into The New iPad Mini

Posted Oct 2, 2013

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will not be putting a high-resolution Retina Display in a new version of the iPad Mini, according to sources with Reuters.  This means that the new iPad Mini would have a lower specification than tablets put out by rivals like Google and

This could potentially affect the sales of the iPad Mini during the year-end holiday season.  It is unknown what features will be added to the new iPad Mini when it is expected to release next month.  It will likely have a higher-resolution screen, better camera, and will likely weigh less.

Retina Display is a resolution that is detailed to the point that the human eye cannot detect pixelation.  Full-sized iPads and iPad Mini competitors like the Google Nexus 7 and 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX has Retina Display features.  One of the reasons why there was a delay is because Apple’s certification of panel producers.

Apple has strict power-saving requirements.  Apple is also asking suppliers to reduce costs.  There are reports that Apple wants to release an iPad Mini with storage that is less than 8GB at a lower price so that it will do well in emerging markets.