Report: Around 31 People Have Left Clinkle

Posted Dec 3, 2013

Clinkle is a payment app company that has raised $25 million in seed funding before launching.  According to BusinessInsider, around 19 people have left Clinkle so far. This is believed to be the largest seed fund round of funding raised in Silicon Valley.

Two former Clinkle employees wrote a post on Quora about what it was like to work there.  The two employees said that they were glad to quit and they have listed 31 people that left the company.

Here is an excerpt from the Quora post:

Lucas is the outspoken CEO of Clinkle known by the general public as the man behind the legendary stealth startup which managed to raise the largest seed round in tech history at a whopping 25 million. Although to his employees, he’s better known for his robotic like senses and all around douchebaggery.

1. Jenny Wolochow ? CEO Assistant

2. Drew Herron ? Communication Designer

3. Jeffery Wang ? Engineer

4. Guy Kulman

5. Brendan Weinstein ? Engineer

6. K.Guru Gowrappan

7. Krissi Kuni ? Recruiter

8. Ilie Ciorba ? Visual Designer

9. Alex Margallo ? Business

10. Jason Rigs ? Business and engineering

11. Paolo Nattenmueller

12. John Albietz ? Director of Technical Operations.

13. Ted Lin ? QA/Software Engineer

14. Brock Stearn ? Creative Consultant

15. Kiyoshi Shikuma ? Front-End Engineer

16. Adam Klein ? marketing

17. Keun Sup Lee ? consultant

18. Brendan Weinstein ? Android Lead

19. Andrew Myers ? Growth Associate

20. Federico De la Balze ? VP Marketing & Compliance and a Business Manager

21. Alberto Aroeste ? Growth Strategist

22. Oliver Castaneda ? Graphics Engineering Lead

23. Justin Heermann ? Operations Lead

24. Brennon Chen ? Growth Associate

25. Didi Medina ? UI/UX Designer

26. Natalie Rothfels ? charge of talent acquisition

27. Miles DeLong ? Growth Sales/Account Executive

28. Cory Weinstein ? QA Engineer

29. Brian Biggs ? Growth Associate

30. Nick Allen ? Growth Associate

31. Erica Castello ? Communications Lead