Report: Dish Network Bids $2 Billion For LightSquared’s Satellite Spectrum

Posted May 21, 2013

Dish Network
is a satellite TV company that is working on building out their LTE wireless network over the last several years.  One of Dish’s biggest play for getting into the wireless market is making a $25.5 billion bid for Sprint.  Dish does want just Sprint’s spectrum as proven by a report that Dish is bidding $2 billion for spectrum owned by bankrupt company, LightSquared.

LightSquared went bankrupt in 2012 after the Federal Communications Commission initially approved the company’s application to use the L-band satellite spectrum that they owned for a land-based LTE network, but then later denied the application.  The Federal Communications Commission said that LightSquared’s spectrum was too close to what was being used for GPS, which causes interference when being used for an LTE network.

Dish Network would still need to be approved by the FCC before the spectrum could be used for LTE.  Dish Network could potentially use LightSquared’s spectrum for their satellite services without dealing with the same interference that LightSquared had to deal with because of lower power requirements for satellite services.

This would not be the first time that Dish Network acquires a bankrupt company for their spectrum.  In 2011, Dish Network acquired bankrupt company TerreStar for their S-band spectrum.  LightSquared has until May 31st to decide on whether to be acquired by Dish.