Report: Google Paid To Have Their Ads Unblocked By Adblock Plus

Posted Jul 7, 2013

One of the most popular web browser extensions is called Adblock Plus.  Adblock Plus stops ads from appearing while looking at various websites.  The problem is that publishers and advertisers suffer from such a program.  The advantage is that websites speed up when a visitor is looking at them.

According to a report by Horizon T, Google has allegedly paid Eyeo, the company behind Adblock Plus, not to block Google AdSense.  Google AdSense reportedly has been added to the Acceptable Ads whitelist.

Other companies have also paid Eyeo to be added to the Acceptable Ads whitelist as well.  It is unknown how much Google has paid to be whitelisted.  Eyeo acknowledged that they do receive payments from “some larger properties” that serve nonintrusive ads.