REPORT: Harlem Shake Videos Have Hit A Combined 1 Billion Views

Posted Apr 4, 2013

“Harlem Shake” is a song by Baauer that was used by five teenagers in Queensland, Australia.  The video created by the teenagers was a follow-up to a video by a YouTube comedy blogger by the name of Filthy Frank (YouTube link).  After the teenagers created the video, hundreds of people made their own Harlem Shake video and many of them have hit millions of views.  Of the 500 videos that Visible Measures analyzed, they have hit 1 billion views.

It took the Harlem Shake only 40 days to hit 1 billion views from the time that the first video was uploaded on February 12th until hitting 1 billion views on March 24th.  That is half the time it took “Gangnam Style” to hit 1 billion views and 1/6th of the time that it took “Call Me Maybe” to hit one billion views.  Maybe Justin Bieber’s manager should sign Baauer too.

The Harlem Shake dances have definitely peeked.  Total views have dropped between week 3 and week 7.  In week 3, the Harlem Shake hit around 300 million views and in week 7, it hit around 75 million views.

Some of the most popular Harlem Shake videos are of The Backstreet Boys, the Harlem Shake on a plane, cats, puppies, the Google staff, the Facebook staff, The Daily Show staff, The Colbert Show staff, and the Sea World staff.

Image Credit: Visible Measures