REPORT: HTC CEO Said He Will Step Down If The One Is Not A Success

Posted Mar 21, 2013

HTC CEO Peter Chou reportedly told executives that he will be stepping down if the HTC One does not end up being successful according to The Wall Street Journal.

The HTC One’s launch has been delayed.  HTC and Research In Motion both seem to be suffering from the same issue, which is that they are putting too many eggs in one basket.  RIM has been banking too much on the success of the BlackBerry 10 operating system.  Now HTC is depending too much on the success of the HTC One.

Even though early reviews about the One has been favorable, they are having issues with their suppliers.  One of HTC’s executives even acknowledged that suppliers no longer see HTC as a “tier-one customer,” which is causing some of the issues.  The HTC One launch has been delayed until April.