REPORT: iPhone 5 Beats Samsung Galaxy S III Web Traffic After Only 3 Weeks

Posted Oct 12, 2012

Apple and Samsung has some insane competition against each other.  Samsung is a wizard when it comes to producing electronic components and Android devices while Apple has huge brand loyalty.  So how is the Apple iPhone 5 doing?  According to advertising and research company Chitika, the Apple iPhone 5 conducted a user agency analysis on millions of mobile ad impressions over a 7-day time frame from October 3rd through October 9th.

The Galaxy S III has been available in the U.S. for around 4 months and they have posted some impressive sales figures.  The Galaxy S III beat domestic sales of the iPhone 4S in August 2012.  But it took the iPhone 5 18 days to overtake the Galaxy S III in terms of web traffic volume.

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