Report: Stephen Elop Would Likely Bring Office To Android And iOS If He Was CEO

Posted Nov 11, 2013

Stephen Elop, the former CEO at Nokia, is on the short list of potential successors to outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. He was added to the list after Microsoft agreed to buyout Nokia’s device business for $7.2 billion.  According to three sources with Bloomberg, Elop would bring Microsoft’s popular Office software to Android and iOS.  Thus far, most of Microsoft’s software has been tied to running on Windows-only devices.

The Microsoft Windows division reported that revenues increased 4.6% to $19.2 billion in the past fiscal year, ended June 30th.  The division that runs Office and other software products saw their sales increase 2.5% to $24.7 billion.

Shut Down Bing?

Elop is also believed to be interesting in shutting down major businesses to increase Microsoft’s focus.  For example, he would consider shutting down the Microsoft Bing search engine and would sell healthily businesses like the Xbox game console if it was determined that they are not critical to the company’s strategy.

Office 365

While working at Microsoft, Elop oversaw the development of Office 365.  Office 365 is an online cloud-based version of Office software that has an annual subscription rather than requiring a larger up-front price.

Job Cuts?

At Nokia, Elop cut 40,000 jobs and reduced operating expenses by 50%.  Elop may consider job cuts to focus on smaller teams.