Report: Yahoo! Is Having Employees Rank Each Other

Posted Nov 14, 2013

According to AllThingsD, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer is now having employees rank each other.  The new evaluation system reportedly resulted in the firings of over 600 people in the last few weeks.  Although many people have been silently laid off at Yahoo!, many people have been hired through Mayer’s acquisition binge.

Some of the Yahoo! acquisitions made in 2013 alone includes, Alike, Jybe, Summly, Astrid, GoPollGo, MileWise, Loki Studios, Tumblr, Playerscale, Ghostbird Software, Rondee, Bignoggins Productions, Qwiki, Xobni, Ztelic, Lexity, Rockmelt, IQ Engines, Hitpost, Bread, and LockFlow.  Management team members are supposedly having issues with the “Quarterly Performance Review.”  Designations include “Occasionally Misses” and “Misses.”

The people that were fired received lower scores at least two times in recent quarters.  Mayer denied that the rankings were forced at a staff meeting this week and noted that they were supposed to be guidelines.  However, many of the managers perceive the guidelines as being required.  Some of the employees are blaming the HR head Jackie Reses on the botched rollout.  One of the issues that has come up in recent days is the QPR process that Mayer launched last year and Reses manages it now.

“I was forced to give an employee an occasionally misses, was very uncomfortable with it. Now, I have to have a discussion about it when I have my QPR meetings. I feel so uncomfortable because in order to meet the bell curve, I have to tell the employee that they missed when I truly don?t believe it to be the case. I understand we want to weed out mishires/people not meeting their goals, but this practice is concerning. I don?t want to lose the person mentally. How do we justify?” said a Yahoo! employee in a note sent to AllThingsD.

Yahoo! is not the only major tech company that used a ranking system.  Microsoft actually just announced this week that they would be shutting down their internal stack-ranking system for their employees.  It is believed that the ranking system was one of the major reasons for  a ?lost decade? and cannibalistic culture.

[Source: AllThingsD]