Research In Motion Launching BlackBerry Social Network:

Posted Jul 14, 2009

Shortly after Research In Motion announced 2,000 applications available in App World, the company announced that they are actively working on building a community for BlackBerry users in the form of a social network called

The social network will be free and is a place for discussing applications and sharing tricks and tips.  The social network will be in a forum or wiki format instead of the typical Facebook or MySpace social network design. will be designed to look a certain way based on the device you are looking at the website from.  If you log in from a BlackBerry Tour, you will more likely be guided towards information tailored to the Tour.

Personally I’m surprised that BlackBerry is not designing an actual social network format.  Using wikis and forums seem to be pretty played out in mainstream media.  The only forums that I’ve seen that still exist are very niche.

[via InformationWeek]