Reuters Social Media Editor Matthew Keys Gets Indicted For Hacking The LA Times

Posted Mar 14, 2013

Matthew Keys, the social media editor of international news at Reuters, has been indicted for helping the hacker group Anonymous penetrate computer systems belonging to the L.A. Times in order to change around their website.  The U.S. Department of Justice indicted Keys and he is facing three federal charges – one count for conspiracy and two counts for sharing malicious code.  Keys worked with a hacker code-named “sharpie.”

Keys was hired in 2012 by Reuters and his most recent position is Deputy Social Media Editor.  In his position, he helped maintain Reuters’ Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Keys supplied passwords from the Tribune Company, his former employer, to allow Anonymous to alter a political story in the L.A. Times to say that “uber skid Chippy” should take his place as the head of the Senate and that Democrats should “suck it up.”  The hacked version of the story remained published for around 30 minutes according to GigaOM.

The communications with Anonymous took place around December 2010.  Keys was described as a “recently terminated employee” of radio station Fox 40 according to the indictment.  Keys may face a maximum of 15 years in prison if he is convicted of all the charges.  The indictment requires that he forfeits his MacBook Pro, Toshiba hard drive, and other personal property.