Review: Facebook’s Application On Netvibes

Posted Aug 3, 2007

The Facebook application on Netvibes seems to be useful for the most part.  Friends’ mini-feed content is aggregated and summarized either in detailed views or thumbnail views are at the bottom.  And at the top there is a  list of whose birthdays are coming up (which I blurred on my screen shot).  The top portion of the application also lists friend requests, group invites, event invites, messages, and pokes.

Other than that, there is not much to the application.  Any link that a user clicks on will just open Facebook in a new window to that particular instance.  You don’t really get much use for this other than saving 30 seconds from typing in in your browser window and logging in because either way, this application will send you there. 

The search is pretty useful for finding friends within the RSS box itself, but after searching and clicking on the results, a new window is open again.  If Netvibes kept Facebook within their own site and places all outgoing links into a window pane instead, I would find this application more useful.  But this just seems to be just another way to be notified of friend updates and I’ve seen it before when using the Facebook Firefox toolbar plugin and when I go to itself on my HTC Mogul. 

The main bullet point of my presentation is that the Facebook application on Netvibes does not benefit Netvibes users much.  Netvibes is more intended for ease of reading RSS feeds and this application just seems to be a unessential component.