Review: Introduces

Posted May 17, 2007

Come siete? is a startup based in Italy that has created a project management website based on Ruby On Rails last November. The name of the site is In order to get the full effect of how the software works, I created an account.

Signing up for an account is fairly straight-forward. You just request a username and give an email address. After you confirm your email address you are redirected to another registration page where you provide an avatar picture and some other information:

After that, the user logs in, then they are redirected to the Workspace page where they are greeted and is shown a calendar. The Repository section is where users can sync workspaces and share documents. Under projects, I clicked on New Project to see what would happen:

It looks like I am the Project Manager and I choose the Project Title & Vision Statement:

After the Vision Statement and Project Title is complete, users are allowed to change the project manager, close a project, suspend a project, add milestones to each project, show calendar, and show removed elements. Another cool feature is to add how much budget a user has in terms of hours.

Collaboration websites are always useful to someone, but personally I stay away from it because I do not have any projects that I need to share. This is also why I do not use Google Docs and Spreadsheets. Call me traditional, but I prefer sending documents over e-mail.