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Posted Aug 4, 2007

ePerks is an upcoming startup whose tag-line is “Life is more enjoyable with perks.” ePerks has partnered with various real estate agents, auto dealers, and home improvement companies to provide business relationships between users.

ePerks was founded by Ben Behrouzi. Behrouzi also founded and funded ePerks through his own venture fund, Brabus Ventures.

I typed in my zip code under the dealers section to see what ePerks could find for me in terms of a Ford vehicle.
After hitting search, BOOM: participating dealers showed up in my area:
Participating ePerks dealers are indicated by icons. The map of participating dealers utilizes a Google Maps API and when the mouse button is placed above one of the icons, then a pop-up will appear showing the location and what the actual perk offering is.

For example, the participating dealer in Roseville, MN is somehow offering a Nintendo Wii as a perk.  Although I won’t be making any automobile purchases anytime soon, I encourage anyway looking for a perk to use ePerks.  There’s literally nothing to lose, only things to gain.

Anyone have any personal experiences with benefits or problems with ePerks, leave a comment.