Revision3 Cutting Back On Shows and Staff

Posted Oct 27, 2008

Revision3 has also been hit by tough economic times.  They will be removing a couple of shows and laying off a few folks.  Revision3 will also be ending distribution agreements with Epic Fu and Wine Library TV with Gary Vaynerchuck.  Andrew Baron, founder of Rocketboom broke the news on Twitter.

The shows that have been cancelled includes Pixel Perfect, PopSiren, and Internet Superstar.  Epic Fu and Wine Library will still be available independently, but just no longer on Revision3.  Epic Fu will remain on Revision3 until mid-December.  Wine Library will no longer be hosted starting today.

Revision3 isn’t at a total loss of programming.  They have added 7 new programs last month on  The seven shows are: 1.) Bottles, Blends, and Brews, 2.) HackCollege, 3.) The Minx Mandate, 4.) The Slice, 5.) That’s Awesome.TV, 6.) WSYK.TV, and 7.) Your Weekly Music Lesson With Walt

Fans commenting on the Revision3 blog post announcing the news are not happy.  One commenter stated that cancelling PixelPerfect was ridiculous because they moved the show to their own studio and “ruined the show with the weird zoom-ins and poor screen capture.”