Revision3 Gets A Redesign & Drops Diggnation Restrictions

Posted Jan 20, 2008

Change is good.  I like the new look of Revision3.  The new site has been under development for about 5 months.  Each program has their own page subtitle.  There is a rotating module that highlights featured programming.  The company also worked with BitGravity to improve video performance and increase the size of their standard video player. 

Revision3 also added forums to give more visibility to their user community.  The forums are also intended to engage in discussions revolving around Revision3’s programs.  Users can add avatars.  The new logo stands out more than the old one also.

Lastly, new episodes of Diggnation were only available to paid members.  But since the new design launched, the most Diggnation episode will be accessible to all users as soon as its uploaded.  Revision3 recently added the Digg Reel to the list of video programs.  Not a bad new year’s start for Kevin Rose & team.