Revision3 Launches Awesome Concept, Digg Reel Program

Posted Jan 17, 2008

Revision3 has recently unleashed a new show within their network of programming called Digg Reel.  Digg Reel unveils what some of the top video picks popular enough to make it to the homepage within  The TV show launched around 9PM Pacific Time and at the same time, Kevin Rose was hosting a party for his instant messaging and file-sharing software called Pownce.

Digg Reel is hosted by Jessica Corbin and the popular videos are showed within the show’s episode, thus allowing Digg users not having to surf over to the site to watch it themselves.  First the video is shown, Corbin says a few catch-lines, and then displays comments from a few Digg users.

I watched the first episode and some of the videos that were featured included a bunny opening an envelope, Guns and Roses’ Sweet Child of Mine-Indian version, and Jon Stewart reacting to Hillary Clinton’s crying (or lack thereof).

VH1 and Atom Films’ came up with a similar program a couple years, but their program wasn’t backed by a strong community.  I do not think that their show is aired on TV anymore.  MTV bought Atom Films in August 2006.

Revision3 Corporation is a network of tech-related web program shows.  Some of the most notable shows on the site include Diggnation and The GigaOm Show.  The company was started by Jay Adelson, Kevin Rose, and David Pranger.  These three had prior experience working at TechTV/4.

[Information Source: ValleyWag]