Online Marketplace Company Rewarder Raises $7 Million Round

Posted Oct 25, 2012

Rewarder is a San Francisco based startup that has built an online marketplace where people can hire others for their knowledge.  Rewarded has raised $7 million in funding.

Reward’s first round of funding was led by Granite Ventures and Radar Partners.  Angel investors that participated in this round include Ron Conway, David Lee, and Ken Lerer.

Rewarder hit over 100,000 users while in private beta.  They used Rewarder for all sorts of tasks like paying someone to help them build a travel itinerary or post a reward for someone that can help them find a rare pair of shoes.

Some of the current rewards include $50 to find a specific type of shot glass chess set and a $125 reward to find a Paul McCobb Transistor Radio.