RewardTag Helps You Find Your Valuable Devices

Posted Jul 27, 2012

is a company started by Brian Nichols and Danny Coorsh.  RewardTag is a label that you put on your devices and other valuables.  If you lose your camera, iPhone, or wallet, and it has a RewardTag label on it, it will increase your chances of getting your valuables back.

The finder can visit the RewardTag website and ID associated with the label of the missing valuable.  On the website, you can promise a reward to the finder if they send it back to you.  In one experiment, Brian and Danny put a device on a floating balloon as a test and a hiker found it at Joshua Tree 180 miles away and sent the device back to them.

I have a few friends that are not careful with their devices and end up losing them.  RewardTag could be perfect for them.  If you want to invest in RewardTag, they are looking to raise $5,000 on  Currently they are at almost $200 with 44 days left to go.  Check out the demo video below: