RIAA May Accept $30,000 & PSA From Kevin Cogill For Guns N’ Roses Album Leak

Posted Mar 16, 2009

?I hope he rots in jail,? stated former Guns N? Roses guitarist Slash a few months ago when Kevin Cogill was charged with leaking the band’s newest album Chinese Democracy before it was released.  Federal prosecutors would like to see Cogill get a 6 month prison term for leaking the tracks.  He was arrested in August at gunpoint for uploading 9 tracks from Guns N’ Roses’ incomplete album at the time.

The music was uploaded to Cogill’s website antiquiet.com.

Uploading the tracks before the album was released is estimated to have caused hundreds of thousands in damage.  The album took 17 years for the band to put together and did not get past #3 on the charts.

“Making a pre-release work available to the worldwide public over the internet where it can be copied without limit is arguably one of the more insidious forms of copyright infringement,” stated prosecutor Craig H. Missakian in court documents. “That is because once released it is virtually impossible to prevent unlimited dissemination of the work.”

Cogill confessed to the FBI that he was responsible and will be sentenced on May 4.  However, the RIAA stated that they were willing to accept $30,000 instead of a $2.2 million find as long as he was “was willing to participate in a public service announcement designed to educate the public that music piracy is illegal.”

If I were him, I’d take that offer, the RIAA is being pretty lenient here.

[via Wired]