Rich Riley Becomes CEO Of Shazam

Posted Apr 29, 2013

Shazam is a company that is known for developing an application which can identify artists, songs, and albums by “listening” to what’s on.  Shazam has hired Rich Riley as the new CEO and the company plans to go public soon.

Riley is the former EVP of Americas for Yahoo!  The previous CEO of Shazam is Andrew Fisher.  Fisher will now become the executive chairman of the company.  Fisher has been CEO of Shazam since 2005.  Shazam has around 300 million users across over 200 countries.

“Whilst Rich will run our business I will now spend more time focusing on our corporate development and future strategy including our ambitions to deliver a successful IPO for our shareholders as we look to become an increasingly important part of people?s everyday lives, helping them engage with content and brands in the most efficient way possible,” stated Fisher in a press release.