Richard and Mayumi Heene Facing Criminal Charges For Balloon Boy Media Frenzy

Posted Oct 18, 2009

Over the last few days, there was a media frenzy about Falcon Heene. Falcon is the son of Richard and Mayumi Heene and it was once believed that he was trapped in a basket of a balloon filled with helium. The media went crazy about the story of the silver balloon traveling at a rapid pace while everyone believed the boy was inside.

It turns out that Falcon was in the attic of his house the whole time. Shortly after the boy was discovered to be safe, it was rumored that the whole event was a hoax. The whole incident did end up being a hoax indeed after Falcon mentioned on CNN “We did this for the show.” Gawker paid for the exclusive story about how the hoax was set-up.

It turns out that the hoax was made in order to gain the attention for an upcoming science fiction reality show. The stunt was planned by Richard Heene and Robert Thomas. Now criminal charges will be filed against Falcon’s parents.

The whole time the balloon was in mid-air, the amount of Twitter and Facebook status updates spiked. What are your thoughts about the whole incident? Should Falcon’s parents be punished or not? Leave a comment.