Richard Richtmyer Reprimanded By AP For Bad Mouthing Execs On Facebook

Posted Jun 10, 2009

Richard Richtmyer is a news writer for a Philadelphia-based newspaper.  On the Facebook social network, Richtmyer simply stated an opinion about how he thought Associated Press executives should be punished for negatively affecting the McClatchy Company stock.

?It seems like the ones who orchestrated the whole mess should be losing their jobs or getting pushed into smaller quarters,? stated Richtmyer on Facebook in late May. ?But they aren?t.?  One of his 51 Facebook friends ratted him out to a higher ranked employee and eventually Richtmyer was reprimanded.

Today McClatchy is a penny stock.  Two years ago the company spent $4.5 billion to buy another publication company called Knight Ridder.  After buying Knight Ridder, McClatchy started looking to sell off several Philadelphia papers including The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Philadelphia Daily News.

The Associated Press union was not happy with Richtmyer being reprimanded and warned all other employees to be careful who they choose to add as friends on the social network.

?We have seen about six Facebook problems over the last two months, with employees ? maybe managers you have as friends ? reporting potential issues to management,? stated union guild chief Kevin Keane in a memo to other members. ?You must be careful who you allow on as friends.?

The News Media Guild believes that the AP needs to fine tune their policy in how they handle these types of situations and they are also pushing for Richtmyer’s reprimand to be removed.

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