Richard Sherman responds to his controversial interview

Posted Jan 20, 2014

After the Seattle Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers, Erin Andrews interviewed Seahawks player Richard Sherman. Sherman decided to go off on Michael Crabtree of the 49ers in the interview (video above). The interview went viral and spread all over the Internet because it was very aggressive. Sherman responded to the controversy today in the form of an editorial posted on Sports Illustrated. Here is what Sherman wrote:

“I spent most of the game on an island: I was targeted only twice during the entire NFC Championship. The first produced a BS holding call against me; the second ended the game. Michael Crabtree stutter-stepped out of his break on first down and sprinted toward the end zone. I was in good position for a pick until he pushed me in the back. My interception became a tip and an interception for Malcolm Smith in the end zone.

Game over. The Seahawks are in the Super Bowl.”

In one of the final plays of the game, Sherman tipped a pass that was intended for Crabtree into one of the defenders. Sherman said that he ran to Crabtree to shake his hand, but got ignored.

During a charity event from the last offseason, Crabtree reportedly tried to start a fight with Sherman.

“While there, Sherman went to shake Crabtree’s hand, and Crabtree tried to start a fight, according to Sherman’s older brother, Branton,” wrote Jerry Brewer of The Seattle Times. “‘I’m going to make a play and embarrass him,’ Richard Sherman vowed that day.”

Recently, former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman went off on a rant during an interview with CNN as well.