Rick Santorum’s Popularity Growth Pushes Down SpreadingSantorum Blog On Google

Posted Jan 4, 2012

GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum is currently dealing with a “Google bomb” problem. If you do a Google search on Rick Santorum, you will find a website called SpreadingSantorum. The description of the website is nasty and I’m shocked that it is ranked so high on Google. Gay sex columnist Dan Savage started SpreadSantorum as a campaign to smear Rick Santorum’s name.

SpreadSantorum.com was at the top of Google’s search results for Rick Santorum’s name in September 2011. Now RickSantorum.com, Rick Santorum’s information on Wikipedia, and the results for the Iowa Republican Caucus are on top of SpreadSantorum.

Rick Santorum is not the only Republican politician that has been “Google bombed.” New Gingrich failed to buy the website address for his name and now non-politician Democrats are using it for squatting.