RIM Is Adding Movies, Music, and TV Shows To BlackBerry App World

Posted Sep 25, 2012

RIM VP of Business Development Martyn Mallick has announced that the App World will soon have music, movies, and TV shows for the company’s 80 million users to browse and buy.  Mallick said that consumers would be able to ren and purchase video content.  All of the media is moved to the device because there is not any streaming options.  Users will be able to see trending songs or videos to help make purchasing decisions a bit easier.  It is unknown who RIM has partnerships with for the content.

Developers that have Dev Alpha devices will be able to see the new App World immediately.

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins told attendees at the BlackBerry Jams America 2012 event that the BlackBerry 10 smartphone will arrive early next year.  ?We understand the BlackBerry platform was not always easy to develop for but those days are gone,? said Heins. ?You stuck with us and we thank you.”

One of the best new features in the BlackBerry 10 operating system is the ability to switch between work and personal profiles with the tap of a button.  This feature is called BlackBerry Balance.  The BlackBerry Balance feature helps employees and employers quickly switch profiles to get the apps they need without having to dig for the apps.  I have a few friends that have a work BlackBerry and a personal BlackBerry so this could potentially save them some hassle.

RIM has passed out around 5,000 development devices out as part of the BlackBerry Jams America tour.  At the BlackBerry Jam event in San Jose, RIM has passed out a new device to developers called Dev Alpha 2.

?With BB10 we?re at the start of a new era of mobile computing,? stated RIM CEO Thorsten Heins. ?BB10 introduces a shift to true mobile computing, and that is why we?ve built a whole new platform, a new architecture, from the ground up.?

The home screen for the BB10 has been updated.  It allows users to swipe from the lock screen on the device to bring up a feature called BlackBerry Flow.  Once the homepage pops up, users can swipe through pages of apps using a scroll button at the bottom of the page to bring it up.  You can also swipe across the screen to bring up their inbox.  There is a feature that lets you peek at a notification you have at any time by pulling up from the bottom of the screen.

RIM is calling the inbox BlackBerry Hub.  BlackBerry Hub lets you see e-mails and messages from BlackBerry Messenger.  You can also see text messages and social media updates from the Hub including messages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

BlackBerry Messenger has a seamless look with support for emoticons.  It also has multi-language text predictions so that you can switch between different languages and see predictive words.

BlackBerry was inspired by the “Live Tiles” feature on Windows Phone.  Now frames are updated with information that you can see from the home screen.  Like the weather icon will let you scroll through to find the current temperature and the 7-day forecast.  The calendar app lets you see the next event for the day as well.

RIM’s active frames has groups.  Active frames have an appearance in groups and it allows you to see chats that are related to a particular group.  You can see activity for people that are a part of the group and photos that been uploaded there.  Pictures change as they are uploaded to the group.  If someone uploads a new one, then the image will change on the group’s page.  Tapping on an individual person in a group will bring up their contact page for that person.

RIM added some additional functionalities to the camera app.  You can access photos that you have taken with the camera by swiping up from a thumbnail on the bottom left of the screen.  The camera app allows you to scroll forward and back in time after taking a photo to capture the right moments.  This feature also works with individual faces in a photo so that if one of your friends closes their eyes in a group shot, you can re-adjust.